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Member Registration Term

1、 Users must supply the correct person data to Lihong (Hangzhou) Electronics Co.,Ltd . (LEEHAM for short)If personal data changes,must update timely.
2、 Afer users registered successfully,LEEHAM will supply each user one ID and corresponding password.The ID and password are keeped by user self.User should be responsible for all activity done by his/her user ID.
3、Users must accept products promotion or other commercial information supplied by LEEHAM via email or other ways.
4、Users must follow the below principle in using LEEHAM network service .
(a) Obey relevant law and regulaltions in China.
(b) Could not use network service system for any illegal purpose
(c) Obey all net agreement ,rules and procedures related with network sevice
(d) Could not take advantage of LEEHAM network service to do any behavior might do adverse effect to network normal running .
(e) Could not take advantage of LEEHAM network service transmitt any harassmental, slanderous, slangy, vulgar or other any illegal information .
(f) Could not take advange of LEEHAM network service do anything disadvantage for LEEHAM
(g) If you find any User ID illegal usage or having security hole ,you should note LEEHAM at once.
5、Content Ownership
5.1 The network service supplied by LEEHAM might includ :character,software,sound,picture,video ,chart and so on.All these content are protected by copyright,trademark and other property right .
5.2 Users could use these content only if gaining the authority from LEEHAM or other correlative <app:ds:correlative> obligee. Anybody could not copy ,redo ,create derivative products.
6.1 User agree to take the resposibility of using LEEHAM network service :LEEHAM take no responsibility of user.
6.2 LEEHAM don’t guarantee the network will meet users’ meets and don’t guarantee the timeliness,safety ,accuracy of network and don’t guarantee it will not break off.

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